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March 04 2014

Sorry for not posting in so long. I completly forgot the name of this place and I had also forgotten my password but I'm here now. I'll try to post up some new stuff soon.

November 22 2013

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This was the only picture that I could take the last time I played. Again I apologize for not posting much.

October 28 2013

I played the Quxxnsdale legacy a month or so ago and I think I have pictures to post but not a lot. I'll try to post them up soon. Sorry for not updating in so long.

October 01 2013

I just checked my screenshots folder for the Quxxnsdale legacy and I can't find any pictures. I think they may have been deleted by accident. But I'll try to play them again soon.
Sorry for not posting anything for awhile. I'll try to soon. ;-;

August 27 2013

Aww, He's so cute! :3
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  This was either before or after Bailey and Charlie moved in with Hannah but she popped! I can't wait to see the baby(ies)! :3
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Babymaking! They were a couple around this point but they aren't married yet. :P
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I made over Bailey Swaine or however they spell their last name in the game, and I figured out that she was a light sleeper. The faces that light sleeper's make are so cute. :3
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Finally! I don't understand why he's dressed like this when he's supposed to be a police officer.
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Hannah is really happy about the half naked man in her home. XD
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Despite what it looks like they didn't do anything except eat.
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Her coworker, Charles (?) if I remember correctly was invited over the night before all they really did was talk to each other and then go to sleep.
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      Ghosts in the park part 2
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   Ghosts in the park part 1
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While Hannah was reading her book in the park these two were talking about her but I think the boy must of liked her because he was smiling.
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